Patience Makes Lighter

by Homeless

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*All Beats Begged For, Borrowed, or Stolen - No Ownership is Claimed for Any Instrumentals - This Album is for Promotional Use Only.


released 18 July 2009
Recorded and Mixed by: SeeMore Perspective




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Track Name: All The Lonely (Bonus Acapella)
Came to set it straight, lean back and meditate
Wrap a belt around my waist and relegate the beat from Eliquate
and hell, if I make it out the other side
You can find me high on I-35 riding with my jaw tight
American dreaming as if I had another choice
Crumbling with the country, call us the lost boys
I keep a noisy voice box, and rock a pocket ace
Just in case it might be worth drinking cult-spiked Kool-Aid
New day isn’t it, lit with tinder and flint
Yawn to meet to morning, and ignore the dizzy spins
I explore the core of it; my eyes lose their rosy tint
I blame it on the citizens who lie with grin
It’s sickening to see the worker ants fake their advance
And carry thrice their weight creating lesser man’s blue plans
This is off kilter, unevenly displaced
Sift through the filler, don’t drink it all away
I am sinking in my own skin, harder every day
while rudimentary games get all the radio play
Breathe blink and embrace that crafted words are a waste
We walk a long hallway, with some phantoms to face
Medication debased a lack of fanatic craze
Grey matter of facts won’t act black and white today
We are Minnesota landlocked, we don’t need a coast
Just a river and some lakes to pick the place we wanna drown most